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Mindful art for a conscious lifestyle

"She's amazing!!! I love her work. So beautiful and thoughtful"

Octaviana H.

"Danessa's work is evocative, bold, and elicits emotion in a way other artists can only hope to replicate! I can't wait to have a space to put more of her work up on my walls!"

Sanam S.

"Danessa's pieces are always so visceral and brilliant!! Her sense for colors is unparalleled. You can stare at her work for hours, and still find something new. These will certainly add to any art collector's collection, and also make fine pieces to complement furniture in any room. They will bring warmth, emotion, and brilliance to any room."

Andy L.

"Absolutely am tickled about my new DANESSA Exclusive ~Love on the Brain~ "Original" Watercolor Collection No. 11! Thanks for hand-delivering it to me!"

Jackie J.

"@danessamayo thank you so much!! I love, love, love this! It's beautiful! You are so incredibly talented my friend :)!"

Jen G.
DANESSA love on the brain

Love On the Brain

New 8"x"8 watercolor series (nos. 01-15). Original & framed, ready to hang in their new home

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One-of-a-kind abstract expressionist paintings that promote the healing power of art



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Conscious Art for Health & Wellness

My artworks have been featured and displayed in spaces for the specific purpose of uplifting mood, sparking contemplative thoughts, and promoting creativity and well-being.

Yoga for the Heart, Mind & Soul

Art-making is my form of meditative practice and how I maintain a sense of balance. I want to share my creativity and ideas with individuals who also believe that art has the ability to heal invisible wounds of the heart, mind, and soul.


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Healing Wound--The Series

Healing Wound Series

L'Amour--The Series

L'Amour Series

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