Love on the Brain - Mind Games No. 4

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 The feeling you get when words are simply not enough to express your innermost feelings of need.

That twisted pressure you feel when you're holding onto something that both nurtures you and pains you.

The circular, nonsensical train of thought you end up having that goes on and on without resolution.

Those secret and personal negotiations you make with your soul that contradicts your lifelong pursuit of happiness.

That stubborn, bullheaded manner you fall back into when you hold something so close that it yearns to leave.

These paintings depict the feeling of being twisted and pulled into various directions. How tightly wound up our minds and emotions can be. How we hope to unravel the knots.

This is Mind Games.


Mind Games No. 4 comes in one custom size to highlight its prominent features, and are available in both archival-grade giclée print on stretched canvas and inkjet print on lustre paper.